European Union grants

ADT Solutions Ltd. has received a grant from the European Union for the implementation of the project “Development of a new generation of aluminum profiles with significantly improved functional and utility characteristics, and the creation of an innovative extrusion technology based on the proprietary concept of heating molds using proprietary digital solutions in line with the Industry 4.0 concept.”

We are implementing the project to strengthen the company’s potential through the introduction of process and product innovations.

The aim of the project is to develop and test innovative solutions in the field of new extrusion technology to increase production efficiency and precision of aluminum profiles, as well as to achieve environmental effects by reducing waste and electricity consumption. Within the project, a line of innovative aluminum profiles with increased precision and reduced carbon footprint will be designed, intended for the rapidly growing electromobility industry. The project will also include extending the life cycle of molds used in the extrusion process compared to solutions available on the market, as well as developing and implementing a new IT tool to support the production process in real time at ADT Solutions.

As part of the project, research and measurement equipment, technological line components, specialized software, molds, and aluminum inserts will be purchased. Industrial research and development work will also be commissioned.

The result of the project will be a new generation of hybrid aluminum profiles for use in the electromobility industry, with increased strength and dimensional accuracy, significantly improved functional and utility characteristics, as well as a new profile production technology using IR furnaces and an IT system enabling digitization of the logistic flow process, diagnostics, marking, and tool monitoring.

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Project value: PLN 34,642,853.63

Amount of contribution from European Funds: PLN 16,094,726.00