We are a manufacturer of aluminium poles

We are experts in the applications of aluminium alloys. We manufacture aluminium street light poles. We also offer a wide range of aluminium sections.

Product range

Aluminium poles

Nitriding of dies

Aluminium sections

Competitive advantages of ADT Solutions:

Top-quality product range

Cutting-edge solutions

Product compliance with good industry practices

Adherence to all applicable standards

Extended product life cycle

Enhanced focus on product safety

Unique design

About us

ADT Solutions is a cutting-edge company specialising in the manufacture of aluminium street light poles. We also offer various types of aluminium sections.

Since 2018, we have been continuously expanding our facilities and machinery with the aim of broadening the range of products and services in aluminium alloy processing. We successfully combine the extensive experience of our engineers with the latest insights from our R&D projects.

Manufacturing technology

We specialise in manufacturing high-quality conical and cylindrical aluminium street light poles, along with a wide range of aluminium sections, including aluminium columns. Our manufacturing process relies on hot extrusion technology. We use a 3750t extrusion press and 10″ and 12″ ingots. The products are subjected to a variety of processing techniques including bending, bridging, cutting, CNC machining, vibratory machining, punching, embossing, trimming, drilling, brushing, shot blasting, sandblasting, grinding, or rotary crimping. Upon customer request, the sections can be anodised (Qualanod license for anodised coatings). The process is carried out in close proximity to our manufacturing facility. In collaboration with partner companies, we also offer painted and veneer-coated sections.